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Friday, December 20, 2013

Make More Money in 2014!

Make More Money in 2014!

After every Economic downfall, there is always an up rise within usually 5-10 years, and finally...after 5 long, horrid years, its on the rise again.

 1. Europe is Coming Back.
According to Bloomberg, the Continent's
Economy is expected to expand roughly 1% in this 
next coming year. That's no Apple stock explosion 
but, it's putting the corporate profits in the
recovering stage. The next 3-5 years show the commanding come back
with the overall GDP expected to rise 1.4% and Total earnings at 10.1%!

2. Housing is finally Back!
According to the "National Association for Business Economics:
- Each new home that is built, creates about three new jobs.
- (Get your broker on the line because...) New Construction 
is expected to exceed 1 million units! Being the first time
since the crisis occurred
- With The Annual Job Creation in 2009 at a low of
over minus 5.1 million to an expected 2.1 million in 2014, shows 
nothing but progress. And, i'd say, that's just what the world

3. Policy-makers Will Back Off!
The Fed stated clearly that, it will start raising rates only
after unemployment falls to 6.5%. Even if job creation picks up,
that, could most likely take over a year!

As the economy accelerates, trim your exposure to defensive
areas such as the Consumer Stocks and Utilities. Stick instead with
sectors likely to see rising global demand, says R.W. Baird Strategist 
William DelWiche.