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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

5 Power House Companies that dominated using YouTube

5 companies that used YouTube's well known tactics to develope a fortress of an industry 

Thanks to YouTube's platooning tool's that some would call new age, companies have been able not only to just capitalize off of it, but utilize each tool to build What's now a Taj Mahal of a company, and what people can use to land their video that happen to go viral into a functioning, capitalism venture. 

And you are correct, YouTube isn't necessarly new, but, the way we are now using the tools is. With the infographic below, it's quite apparent why YouTube has become the top dog in this industry sector and others. For instance, The number; 1 billion unique user's that use YouTube throughout 56 countries is very impressive not only because the fact that, that is basically 1/6th of the world but, the stimulating apparent notion that YouTube is yes, the 2nd largest search engine behind Google, and again, yes, ahead of yahoo. 

Benefits of using videos for social media:

- A video tells a story and has a shelf life of a million times longer than a tweet post or Facebook posts. 

- The Average Facebook Post spends on avg.  22 hour's on a users timeline feed, and now with the recent newsfeed algorithm change, it's life is now even shorter on ones feed. 

- These YouTube Stats are amazing actually: 40% of a video's total views, happen within the first 3 weeks of being published. And the next 30% happen within the next 4-12 weeks, while the remaining 30% occur between the next 12-52 week's, now those are just the averages! 

There's also a trend happening here... take a look see below to define what it actually is... 

-RedBull with it's record breaking "skydive" from space hit the top of the charts. 

-Next in the lunch line would have to be the horse and black guy that killed it this last year, why? 
The new image.

- Home depot didn't so anything special, but what they did do, is create content That met their audiences niches, made the video's plain and simple without extra "you need this or that, it was and still is a sensation! 

-And last but furthest from least, KHUSH. 

Prerna Gupta, Co-Founder of Mobile App Developer Khush, pitched her new "Reverse Karaoke App" that she explained was, "Okay". But with the implementation of making a horrible voice sound good... it was an over night sensation.

These 5 are just embarking, not even close to their peak, so what are you waiting for?!?!