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Monday, January 20, 2014

Instagram & gender: the new infographic that increases your audience

At Nitrogram (A Co-company of Instagram), they focus primarily on building the best Instagram analytics and statistics Platform Program I've seen. Today, im sharing the first data about gender on Instagram, based off of Nitrograms infographics and accurate studies &.research can enable you to increase traffic drastically! 

The analytics in the screenshot below show simple yet, very accurate and complex facts of, "Are Men or Women more Followed" which again, is very valuable. Knowing the Gender of your audience allows you to know what kind of content to publish/display.  Facts showing, 59% of Instagrams user's with over 10k Followers are males, So, that being said you have the ability to know the stereotypes of your opposite Gender and apply that to that 59% number. Making it 100 time's easier to either understand the fact that, the majority of Women would rather see, for example, jewelry and girl shoes, opposed to macho "stereotypical" race cars or fighting/boxing, thus increasing your traffic by that percentage change that you now know and can apply to any marketing situation!