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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Play App games for money and more!

mPoints Application for Android! 

Play this app for money, giftcards while not spending a dime on presents for all! 

So, to get straight to the anticipating excitement of this article, I'll first say, yes, this App is the real deal, and all you do is play game's! 
Here is just a quick screenshot of my current amount of point's III have, after only 9 day's of downloading it, which this goldmine App had a very self-explanatory name... "mPoints" 
SO, as you can see, I have just hit 10,000 points, which you can set your goal to what your playing for, consisting of a variety of giftcards, gadgets and yes... the "Kindle Fire"! Which is my main goal, also the most expensive one. But, mPoints consists of multiple game's that you can download and play, where there are "daily achievements", for example on the game "Zap da Bug"
you receive 10 point's for Zapping 5 bug's at once or playing 5 game's. And on all of the game's you always get a check-in daily 10+ mPoints also if you simply tweet your current standings, you receive an extra 10 point bonus!
 To conclude this amazing masterpiece of new technological advances in human communications, if you look at the feedback before downloading the app(s) in the android PLAY store you will see dozens of feedbacks stating, "we were able to buy all of our kid's and families Christmas, birthday and other gifts only for playing mPoint game's!", let me tell you folk's, they are right.