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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How I got a Google PageRank of #3 in 2 weeks for $0.00!

How I got a Google PageRank of #3 in 2 Weeks for $0.00! 

Out of now, the 29 Blog Posts on this Blog, I have not introduced myself, and I especially have not talked about my own success. 
So, my name is Jon Faulconer, I started what is now the largest Organic Wheat Grass Company in the State of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and now Texas with landing WholeFoods as my main account. And, the best part, I started the company February 14th, of 2013, with a whopping $200.00! Which was applied to the fee for getting my Oklahoma Organic Certification, a 25 pound bucket of Hard Red Winter Wheat Berry Grass Seed from the gentleman who actually got me in the industry, being he is known as the "Pioneer of Organics in Oklahoma." So I had a weight on my shoulders that was the size of Mt. Everest to fulfill my end. What did I do? Yes indeed, I started a simple (yet astronomically effective) Wordpress Website. 

The simple Technique I used to skyrocket my SEO!
Content, Picture's, more content and more picture's! Anything you read about increasing your SEO will say, "content content content"! and, they're right! Whether your doing a "Do it yourself website or a blog about trends, people love rich, unique content! Now I wish it was just that easy, but as far as the main factor, is content! You cannot have enough of it. Look at Flickr,  people spend hours a day on there, and its networth exceeds $50 million dollars!  
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