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Saturday, November 9, 2013

The 15 hottest actors

I usually will write about how to make money online or list's of top earnings for top bloggers. But, in this case and this concept, I am showing the power of looks generating money. It's very simple actually 

Good looks + Fame= More earnings ....right? OF course! 

Simple formula, obviously.
Here is the 3 main reason's: 

1. Better looking celebrities get more attention, therefore, they get more modeling job's. 

2. The more a celebrity looks like a certain role in a movie, generally, the higher chance of them getting that part in a new movie, such as, Will Smith in the movie, "Ali."

3. And last, but furthest from the least is, good looks attract people in all generation's of societies. 

Take a look at this list of the top "hottest actor's" and see for your own eye's why you see these actors on this list, as well as the top movie's ever made. As well as magazine's, commercial's, people's social network account's, the list is endless! And do not be shocked if you see multiple actor's that you are thinking of right now, as you're reading this article! 

Click on this link below to see the top "hottest actor's"! And enjoy your discoveries with it! 

Who's Sexier, Orlando Bloom or Ewan MGregor? http://bit.ly/HF6wHf

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