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Friday, November 8, 2013

Top 10 Blogger earnings

Thanks to Guru Blogger, "Michael Dunlop" of Incomediary.com a fantastic, as well as one of, if not the most informative blog I have ever come across. To show a little bit of knowledge he gave me from almost having my eyes glued to everything I read on his blog including these $100,000 a month income earners, I will show what these other "Top 10 Bloggers" on the web are about and what their estimated earnings are...
And yes, they Dominate their Niches and the online industry,  so take a look!

Rank     Website       Owner        Earnings 
.                                                          per month 
1. Huffington Post Ariana Huffington $2.3 m
2. Mashable         Pete Cashmore      $560,000
3. Perez Hilton Mario Lavandeira   $450,000
4. Tech Crunch Michael Arrington  $400,000
5. Smashing Mag. Vitaly Friedman $190,000
6. Timothy Sykes   Timothy Sykes   $150,000
7. Gothamist          Jake Dobkin        $110,000
8. Tuts Plus            Collis Taeed         $110,000
9. Car Advice        Alborz Fallah       $70,000
10. Venture Beat  Matt Marshall     $62,000

How do these Guru Millionaires make their Money? Simple.

Simple is easier said than done, but for them and the viewer's,  it actually isn't all that hard. With over dozens of techniques such as, keywords that drive millions, picture content that make BANK each time it's clicked, to advertising banners that let them have a cash flow that flows in like a river. 

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